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"...a remarkable harpist, both for her unusual and varied programming and for the seriousness and depth of her interpretations."

Susann McDonald, Distinguished Professor of Music, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

For many years, Dominique Piana has deeply delved into the music of the Romantics, seeking out the lost works of the original harp repertoire and transcribing piano music according to taste and fit.

Dominique's recital program The Romantic Spirit embodies the subtle yet powerful messages of Romanticism. Lyrical and epic 19th century music is linked poetically with the great literary themes of Nature, Love and the Beyond. Performed in the grand manner of that era, the harp reveals itself as a unique instrument capable of singing in its own way. Her interpretations decisively capture the essence of romantic inspiration in changing moods. Works by the great romantics and harp virtuosos evoke images of a sentient landscape colored with the palette of emotion.

Recently, Dominique has added baroque, classical and modern pieces as well as her own compositions to the mix, to expand the notion of Romanticism beyond the romantic period of the past and to move beyond nostalgia. This, in turn, opens up a new window in the present, allowing us to recognize Sentiment as the timeless ingredient that underlies lasting artistic creations and as the clue (and glue) to our indisputable connectedness.

Whether performing, teaching, writing or composing, Dominique always looks for the common denominators that define the human experience, while upholding and refining a highly personal, radiant vision of life's possibilities.

In order to make harp music accessible to people in venues outside of the concert hall, yet keeping it in the center of attention, Dominique has also devised the shorter program The Magic of the Harp, which can be adapted to various settings and audiences, from schools to retirement homes, libraries, churches or book stores.

In February of 2014, Dominique premiered a full-length vocal recital entitled Songs of Longing and Belonging with tenor Greg Allen Friedman, locally in California at the Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center and at All Saints Episcopal Church in Sacramento, and they completed a five-concert tour of Wyoming in April. Greg was lauded for his "emotional sincerity and sensitive interpretive skills" in a review by the Independent of Livermore.

You will find detailed information on all programs offered in Dominique's press kit. For more information on hiring and fees, contact Dominique.


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